Wednesday, June 30, 2010 - St. Louis Cardinals Manager Backs Arizona Immigration Law, Welcomes Tea Partiers

Being from St. Louis, my love for Conservatism can only be matched by my love for Cardinals baseball which makes this story even more enjoyable. We all have a reason to be a Cardinals fan now :)

Obama takes on election-year fears over big debt - Yahoo! News

Obama is a snake oil salesman in the worst way. I truly believe he has convinced himself we are in one of the greatest expansionary times this country has ever experienced. It has to be the answer because he completely ignores cold, hard data. Now he want's to trim our debt, which is going to reach WWII levels by year-end btw, unless our "recovery" is jeopardized by doing so. My head is going to explode.

Obamacare Hits Small Businesses Tomorrow With Arrival of Tanning Tax | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

The Heritage Foundation pointing out the arrival of yet another new tax on small business and ultimately individual consumers. The Summer of Recovery (as dubbed by Obama) never hurt our wallets so much....I'm betting on the Fall of Recovery to be more expensive....and so on.

Obama 2001

Keep this in mind when Obama does ANYTHING.......some of the scariest audio we could ever have from any political leader of this country.

Senate combines jobless benefits, homebuyer credit

Republicans and Democrats use this tactic all the time and it really angers me. These sneaky ways of inserting spending into completely unrelated bills is utterly disappointing. Ronald Reagan wanted the line item veto for instances like this, but the SCOTUS declared it unconstitutional. God save us from this spending.

Jobs Market Barely Budges in June as Hiring Stays Weak - CNBC

Honestly, I am a little shocked we all haven't taken to the streets over this administration. For those liberals who say we need to give the stimulus time to take effect, what the hell do you have to say about what Ronaldus Magnus (as coined by Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network) did in the 80's with his TAX CUTS not TRILLIONS in spending? After the single greatest civilian tragedy this country has ever seen, George W. Bush was creating over 500K jobs per month (which isBeing Conservative). This is far too frustrating...13,000 new jobs folks....

Labrador backed Hayworth, ripped McCain - Alex Isenstadt -

Heated comments by the representative from Idaho but comments that are difficult to disagree with. I know my family in AZ will be supporting JD Hayworth 2010 for US Senate this year. We need to continue to back these conservatives in their respective primaries. We cannot compromise our values at such a critical point in our history.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kagan embraces notion of living Constitution

All of this spin from Kagan is appropriate given Wimbledon is going on right now. "We are all originalists." Oh yeah? How about that 5-4 decision yesterday on gun rights? 4 activists denying our rights under the 2nd Amendment.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Missouri Is The Concord Bridge For Obamacare Repeal | RedState

Conservatives and Republicans alike have had a history of being the "silent majority". With the birth of the Tea Party movement, we are silent no more. For those of you with friends or family in Missouri (I have a lot of both), I urge you to pass along this article. August 3, 2010 is the day Missouri can speak for the rest of the country!

Unintentional Liberal Comedy

Conservatives need not be original in pointing out liberal stupidity....

Tim Scott on Hannity

Having been stuck with CNN and the BBC in Europe, I didn't have a chance to see Sean Hannity's interview with Tim Scott. If you didn't either, take the time to watch this clip.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Clinton urges rich Latin Americans to pay 'fair' tax share

This isn't class warfare? Taxation (in some form) on lower incomes is a drag on productivity? What NO liberal has ever answered is what level of taxation on the rich or wealthy is fair? The answer is, whatever it takes to keep covering entitlement programs (even though they never could). This is uber frustrating.

Matt Lauer All Star Performance

Matt Lauer SHOCKINGLY presses Obama on what can only be interpreted as inaction and lack of leadership. 956 days left folks. A conservative victory in November will help ease the pain this President is causing our great nation.

Hot Air � Crist scrubs campaign site of pro-life support

Charlie Crist, you make me sick. How you live with yourself is beyond me. Marco Rubio had better get elected in Florida.....

Obama with the Kalamazoo Asleep student!

Absolutely priceless. Jedediah Bila, if you're still feeling sick, this will definitely cheer you up! Enjoy everyone :)

Democrats propose further tax hike on offshore oil - Yahoo! News

I am going to research this but my initial thought is that the government makes more money per gallon of gas than oil companies.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Oil Spill Solution #1

If you didn't have a chance to see Sean Hannity's show tonight, he had these gentlemen on to demonstrate their oil spill solutions. Absolutely incredible how this isn't being done NOW.

Obama to high school grads: 'Don't make excuses'

Side note: Obama published a list of "acceptable excuses" to the graduates. They included:

1) The previous administration;
2) The last 8 years;
3) Big oil;
4) Wall-Street fat cats....

Hot Air � Angle now leading GOP field, beating Reid in latest poll

Very good news out of Nevada! Sharron Angle has the momentum to defeat Reid.

That Ain't My America!

If you haven't heard Sean Hannity's version, give it a listen, pretty awesome! Enjoy all! 

Teachers Union Beware

Obama should learn to use a teleprompter like Gov. Christie....oh wait he doesn't use one. Wonderful video of a great "speech". This man is hitting his stride.

Here’s How The Government Can Fix Silicon Valley: Leave It Alone

Are liberals waking up to this nightmare of an administration. Except for this author's desire for 'net neutrality, it's hard to disagree with the thoughts here. Here is a liberal that doesn't know he's a conservative. (Friends who need to see this: Jedediah Bila, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Obama Slips Up On Oil Spill Panel - IBD -

Hat tip to Mark Levin for pointing out this article on his radio show. One of the best articles I have read recently. Just goes to show you how arrogant and stupid government is. The smaller the government the better, except for our military. - Tea Party Favorite Sharron Angle Surges in Nevada GOP Primary Race

Sharron Angle is surging. Nevada conservatives, let's do this! Harry Reid, your time is up.

Economy adds 431K jobs but few in private sector - Yahoo! News

411,000 of the 431,000 new jobs added in May were from hiring of temporary Census workers. Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network have been predicting this for months.....Wall Street knew this as well seeing the DOW's performance today....

Video of the Week: NJ Gov. Chris Christie on School Choice | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

Courtesy of The Heritage Foundation. Chris Christie makes me want to move to New Jersey. This man is single handedly taking on the liberal behemoth head on and winning. Reminiscent of CT's political idol Ronald Reagan.

Federal debt tops $13 trillion mark - Washington Times

"At $13 trillion, that figure has risen by $2.4 trillion in about 500 days since President Obama took office, or an average of $4.9 billion a day. That's almost three times the daily average of $1.7 billion under the previous administration...." Obama, Pelosi, Reid....the greatest menace to this country's pocket book.

RealClearPolitics - Video - McCartney Bashes Bush: "It's Great To Have A President Who Knows What A Library Is"

Oh Sir McCartney, you are so wise. You fried your brain in the '60s and '70s and then sold your rights to The Beatles song book to Michael Jackson. Let's talk about stupidity.

'I'd do it again' former President Bush tells Grand Rapids crowd about waterboarding terrorists | -

Honestly, President G.W. Bush was not my favorite, but he was a leader. His tone compared to Obama's on any position is strikingly different. How fortunate were we to have W. during 9/11? Obama would've been apologizing to the terrorists.

Obama's Cap and Trade

An oldie but a goodie courtesy of The Heritage Foundation.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The great Jon Voight

 Jon Voight is truly amazing. Finally a Hollywood conservative that is not afraid to voice his concerns and speak the truth. If only this man would consider becoming an elected official....although his role as a spokesman for the Tea Party movement fits him well. 

Boehner: Obama speech 'diminishes' the presidency - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

John Boehner sounds like the leader we need in the House come November.....

Obama Weekly Approval Average Dips to New Low of 46%

Obama's approval average looks like the Dow Jones......

YouTube - There Are too Many Bureaucrats and They Are Paid too Much

A bit of a lengthy video, but incredible video provided by The Heritage Foundation on government workers versus taxpayers.

Romanoff confirms job discussions with White House - Yahoo! News

Sean Hannity couldn't have been more spot on during the 2008 election campaign. Chicago style politics run amok in Washington D.C. since the beginning. The light is beginning to shine in the darkest of corners of this administration.

The Great Divorce | RedState

No this isn't in regards to the sad separation of Al and Tipper Gore (truly it is sad), but about the divorcing of America's infatuation with our president. Erick Erickson is correct on all accounts. - Brewer Says She's Ready for Potential Federal Court Challenge Over Immigration Law

This court battle will only be trumped by Obama which we have the best and brightest defending and overturning these respective laws. Governor Jan Brewer cannot be commended enough for her steadfast resolve and commitment to securing our border and enforcing our immigration laws....something Obama refuses to do.

Hot Air � Video: Hecklers tee off on Obama during surprise appearance on bus

This is pretty reminiscent of Bush's final 2-3 years in office but it's happening in Obama's first term. He is dividing this country like other figure in the history of American politics in my humble opinion. What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - Ideology Vs Electability in California GOP Senate Race

Good people of California, please do not compromise conviction. Fiorina is another Jerkinator in disguise. Chuck DeVore is the man we need to get behind and get elected. He can defeat Boxer and will not compromise on conservative principles. Sarah Palin, you got this one wrong.

William McGurn: Gallup's Pro-Life America -

A very brave article written in The Wall Street Journal on America's 2 year pro-life majority and the media's blatant disregard for this news.

� Clinton Redux: The Joe Sestak Affair - Big Government

Ahhh memories. We've missed you Bill, but your spirit lives on.....

Hot Air � California jobless claims hit modern record high

California is the perfect example of a RINO leading donkey's to water. California is in desperate need of a Conservative Senator and a Conservative Governor....which is why we need Chuck DeVore. A conservative in the White House is too much to ask for.....

White House backs investigation into Israeli raid

Why does this administration hate Israel? This is down right embarrassing how we're treating our Middle East friend.

OK. That’s it. I quit. | RedState

Absolutely amazing. This is why I love Red State (article by Vladamir). Erick Erickson, thank you for this website and we'll see you on Sean Hannity's Great American Panel tonight.

Obama Approval Index Month-by-Month - Rasmussen Reports™

Via Rasmussen Reports. Those charts are attractive, but they can be even better looking with a handful of inevitable poor decisions.