Monday, May 31, 2010

To Be an American - HUMAN EVENTS

Amazing Memorial Day read.

Who's on first......

Absolutely hilarious and absolutely spot on...... it's just unfortunate that this is true and that this merry-go-round won't stop. Imagine how well off this country would be right now (comparatively speaking of course) if we hadn't participated in any bailouts, spending packages, or stimulus packages.

� Republican Roots of the 1964 Civil Rights Act - Big Government

I urge everyone to read this article. It gives a great summary of the GOP's efforts over the last 100+ years to achieve racial equality. It needs to be pointed out more often that Being Conservative allows for greater liberties and freedoms without being dependent on the federal government (please see any liberal social program).

Bill Maher: Obama should shoot someone in the foot | RedState

How do liberals get away with this? Can you imagine the collective heart attack that the news media would have if a conservative or Sarah Palin said this? African Americans in this country should feel completely insulted by this man. Then again, African Americans should feel left behind and insulted by liberals for numerous reason to follow in the next post.

Robin Hood

Quick video pointing out that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are clueless. I always love these....

GOPUSA � News � Obama admin asks Supreme Court to stop AZ from enforcing illegal alien law

One can liken the administration challenging the constitutionality of the AZ law to a person taking meat recommendations from a vegetarian: one knows nothing about the other. Time for the Supreme Court to step up and reject this request.

Steve Wynn Takes on Washington, Vegas & EBITDA - CNBC

Steve Wynn has been sounding like a conservative for a better part of a year now. Businesses and individuals are scared and no one in this administration is listening. - Obama to Arizona Governor: Don't Call Me, I'll Call You

Now that Netanyahu has cancelled on Obama, maybe he has time to meet with Gov. Jan Brewer? Rhetorical of course. What I find amazing are the other events he has planned. Meeting with an MLS soccer team? You would think Obama would extend an olive branch to Brewer seeing that he is above politics and is a uniting force. He probably realizes he'd have to read the bill to meet with her....and who would want that?!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kagan gets boost from potential GOP allies

Typical works used to describe Republicans: old, white, south....can we add "soft" to that list as well?

� Bloggers Beware – They’re Coming After You! - Big Government

If something like this passes, this would be outright censorship. I wonder if facebook pages are considered "blogs" under this legislation.....Let's hope not! - Obama Says 'Official' Explanation Coming 'Shortly' on Alleged Sestak Job Offer

By now I am certain everyone here has seen this story in one form or another. Sean Hannity has been harping on this all week and rightfully so. This is a scandal. If there was nothing improper here, why hasn't this been aired by the administration? There goes historic transparency and accountability......unbelievable.

Hot Air � Study finds increased gov’t spending results in unemployment

Here is a shocking ya'll didn't know this already :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hot Air � New poll: Fiorina 41, Campbell 21, DeVore 16

To CT's dismay, Palin's endorsement of Fiorina may have done in Chuck DeVore. Nevertheless, my vote for DeVore was an enthusiastic one. Sarah Palin needs to decide soon whether or not she wants to be a populist within the Republican party or be the conservative leader we need so badly.

Hot Air � GOP proposes $1.3 trillion in savings over next 10 years

Precisely what the GOP needed to do. And to no "tuned-in" conservatives surprise, Paul Ryan is the center of the initiative. Now if we can get more Jim DeMint's in the Senate, we can actually push reform that will save this country.

Media still afflicted with Palin-OCD | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

Jedediah Bila's new article defending Sarah Palin's new brand of feminism: one that promotes pro-life values, intelligence, gun ownership and independence. The feminist movement took a wrong turn sometime during the 60's or 70's. Having women like Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Michele Bachmann and Jedediah Bila on our side is a wonderful and comforting thing. (and her pokes at Olbermann are priceless) - Obama Administration Says Virginia Lacks the Standing to Challenge New Health Care Law

Via, the "commerce clause" is only used by liberals when it is convenient. This would be a huge blow to our repeal cause if this judge dismisses the suit.

Private pay shrinks to historic lows as gov't payouts rise -

We are not a capitalist country any longer....but you knew that already. We have never looked more like Europe, to Obama's enjoyment. Nanny state thievery is here to stay unless we rise up and take back our country.

Britons’ Fears Turn to Doubts About Climate Change -

This skepticism needs to reach the shores of the US. How people still believe in global warming is beyond me.

Monday, May 24, 2010

ASU Professor of Idiocy

These are the people educating our children.....about the 45 second mark is where she shows her liberal colors. Hat tip Hot Air. 

AP IMPACT: Deadly, ultra-pure heroin arrives in US - Yahoo! News

How many reasons does Obama need to secure our damn border? Add ultra-pure heroin to the list right next to regular heroin. On a side note, did anyone see Bill Kristol and Brit Hume embarrass Kirsten Powers on Fox News Sunday with the language from the AZ law? It was truly amazing. Kirsten can be added to the list of libs who haven't read the bill nor the bill's amendments......

Crist leads, edges Meek with Dems - Jessica Taylor -

There is a lot of time before the November election but Floridians need to wake up to the fraud that is Charlie Crist. Marco Rubio needs to win in Florida.

Harry Reid angles for tea party foe in Nevada - John Bresnahan and Manu Raju -

Please read paragraph 12 and tell me why people of Nevada should NOT vote for Sharron Angle.....all of her beliefs empower the individual as opposed to the Federal Government...and that is "extreme"? We welcome that debate.

Industry Ramps Up Fight Against Plans to Tax Soft Drinks -

Here we go again! More taxes.....Taxed Enough Already! I love how these lawmakers try to make these efforts into goodwill laws. Oh sure you'll set aside the soda tax revenues for parks and playgrounds for children to use and exercise. Sounds a lot like the social security "lockbox"......

Joe Sestak admits bribe offer. | RedState

Regardless of whether or not the President knew about this job offer, this should be a scandal. When a President cannot control his administration, either the administration is too big and spread out or you are not a leader.....or both.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

� Congress Rejects Illinois Gitmo - Big Government

Came across this piece on Big Government. Absolutely fantastic news if you ask any conservative. Gitmo will and should remain open.

Gov. Jan Brewer Ad

This absolutely made my morning. Jan Brewer is really running a smart campaign; from what I can tell from CA. This ad is not only light-hearted and effective, but clearly shows why there has been so much confusion and controversy around this bill....those who oppose it haven't read it!

Al Bore.....

They should have had a camera on the student body. One can only imagine the sheer boredom and frustration the graduates were feeling. I can sympathize: Janet Napolitano was my commencement speaker....a truly tragic way to celebrate a hopeful day.

John Fund: Tea Parties vs. Unions in November -

Union thugs versus Tea Party Patriots.....people who want to be taken care of versus people who want to take care of themselves.....Big Government versus Limited Government....regulation versus free markets. We can go on and on and on...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Chuck DeVore’s Lebanon Recording | The New Ledger

Hat tip to the Great One, Mark Levin, for this piece. Californians had better be backing Chuck DeVore. This man is the lone conservative in this race, committed to bringing back Reagan values and beliefs to the state he used to serve. Do not be persuaded that he cannot beat Babs Boxer in the general. We need to primary these RINO's. Polls show DeVore has the momentum to overcome. He needs our voices and our support.

Video: Health Care Reform Timeline | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

Part of the reason conservatives didn't take "Murtha's seat" is due to Obama Care not playing a huge role in voter sentiment. Just because it has passed, it should not be out of sight out of mind. This bill needs to be repealed or de-funded by future (hopefully conservative) Congress'. The Heritage Foundation is relentless in these reminders. Please give this video a watch because we need to keep the fire burning on this issue until we regain Congress.

RealClearPolitics - Video - Crist Says He Would Confirm Kagan, Forgets Why He Opposed Sotomayor

Marco Rubio needs to up the ante here. This Crist character is an absolute and total fraud. Rubio has had fantastic campaign ads to date and is given more material by Crist everyday. Take the gloves off Marco, let's finish this bum.

Tom McClintock to the rescue

I keep harping on this Calderon character but it needs to be done. Tom McClintock basically took the words right out of my mouth. This is a must watch for those who support Arizona. 

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie swiftly vetoes 'millionaires tax,' property tax rebate bills | -

Christ Christie.....this guy needs to be in the Senate or House very, very soon. Walking the walk like few governors in this great Union.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

RealClearPolitics - Video - Calderon: Mexican Police Ask People For "Papers"

Even more proof that the fearless leader to our immediate south is as brilliant as our "leader". I don't thing Calderon even knows the laws of his own country. Only 975 days until this pathetic excuse of an administration is over and we can respond to goofball leaders like this. - Rocker Dave Matthews on Energy Policy: ‘Algae is the Future'

The professionals at are truly amazing at exposing liberals for who they really are: hypocrites. Dave Matthews is a lunatic, fringe radical who pumps out great music (in my humble opinion), but cannot walk the liberal walk (even though it's junk science). He and Harrison Ford must hang out as they preach from the same gospel: "do as I say, not as I do."

President Calderon....if in fact that is his real name......

This man is ignorant in two languages. This has seriously put on display the ignorance unlike any we've ever seen....well since the global warming myth. I would like to know who those handful of Republicans were that stood and applauded.....seeing the libs stand up was no surprise. 

Bill aims to expand benefits for the unemployed

Folks, I'm telling you, these liberals keep expanding this to keep a dependent electorate. Free people rarely side with big government and big spending. We are on the right side of history; even though it may be unpopular: See @chrischristie.

Obama pushing higher fuel efficiency standards

This is exactly what US automakers need while struggling to deal with union demands and consumer pressures.....more government regulations that raise costs and sticker price of each car manufactured. Great decision Obama.

New Jersey Lawmakers Pass Millionaire Tax; Veto Looms (Update2) -

“I don’t have an issue with millionaires, I just have an issue with people not sharing in the sacrifice,” said Senate President Stephen Sweeney, a Democrat from West Deptford. Absolutely unbelievable. Once again, government trying to be charitable with other peoples' money.

Federal Debt as a % of GDP | The Big Picture

Fully loaded chart of the year. Obama is on such a roll. I'm glad all of the massive debt he has taken on is assisting in the health of our economy and fiscal strength as exemplified by Vince's post below. Wonder who China would vote for......

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

China tells U.S. to put fiscal house in order - Yahoo! News

China is urging the US to become fiscally conservative. I suppose they have to take that position given they and Japan own most of our debt and do not want us to default. This just adds to the necessity of balancing our budget and phasing out entitlements....which will never happen under this spend happy regime.

New Zealand Government To Cut Corporate Tax Rate To 28% From 30% From April 1 -

To give some perspective, the USA's top tax rate is 39%; averaging roughly 35%. The US needs to adopt New Zealand like stances on corporate taxes to get this economy moving again....and of course, slashing spending. Just an interesting note: Ireland's corporate tax rate is 12.5%. If we had that rate here, not even Obama could keep this economy from flourishing.

Anti-Incumbent? Try Anti-Obama -

Barnes brings up a number of valid points in this article, however, I do think there is a very strong argument to make that the American people are anti-incumbent. We were angry with Republicans for spending during the Bush years and angry with Democrats now. A vast number of those from the Bush era are still around. We need to hit the reset button on a vast number of these seats because solid conservatives are running, competing and winning. Barnes is correct in saying that embracing the Tea Party is a recipe for victory. Why anyone would denounce or not embrace the Tea Party is beyond me given their favorability with the American people.

Illinois Senate Seat

Hopefully the Illinois folks are listening up. It would be amazing to take Obama's old seat. That would really be a blow to his ego. 

Power Play Over Immigration Law | NBC Los Angeles

This is truly becoming an national problem. The Supreme Court will undoubtedly get involved here soon seeing that interstate commerce is being directly affected. California and a certain city in Ohio are behaving exactly like the President and his cabinet members: throwing around opinions and beliefs without reading the bill. They are playing politics and race baiting on a national security issue. Nothing is below a liberal.

“I’m Afraid To Tell You There’s No Money Left” | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

Courtesy of The Heritage Foundation. Either one of two things is going to happen: 1) we continue to spend and we go bankrupt as a nation or 2) We elect a @Chris Christie like President to take a hatchet to our spending. I prefer the latter. - Global Cooling Is Coming -- and Beware the Big Chill, Scientist Warns

How are we supposed to think any scientist is credible on this subject any longer? - Hoyer: No Plans Yet by Democrats To End Fannie, Freddie Bailouts

Oddly enough, my wife and I were watching HGTV over the weekend and a couple bought their first home: $500K, no money down, 8% interest rate fixed for 3 yrs....the year: 2008. This collapse was right in front of our faces in even the most unlikely of places. Freddie and Fannie are still alive today thanks to taxpayers. These corrupt, immoral institutions need to be privatized or eliminated for the good of our society and economy.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Richard Viguerie: Kentucky Elections Results are a Vote of No Confidence in Senator McConnell

Extremely interesting take on the primary in Kentucky.

Paul romps as Specter, Lincoln await - Alexander Burns -

Tea Party favorite with a commanding victory over Trey Grayson in KY. This overwhelming victory for Paul is hopefully the bellwether of elections to come. Tim Kaine needs to learn that conservatism is not "fringe" or extreme right wing.....

Conservatives Most Enthusiastic About Voting in 2010 Midterm

You darn right we're the most enthusiastic about voting in 2010! What is amazing is how quickly the motivation level has risen. The Tea Parties played a huge part in converting the silent majority into a vocal majority. Hopefully everyone here is registered to vote......

Newt Gingrich forecasts Obama loss - Mike Allen -

Newt Gingrich would be an interesting candidate in 2012. He did fantastic work rejuvenating the Republican Party and conservatism in 1994 with his Contract with America. My hesitation is his backing of this "green movement" and commercial appearances with Nancy Pelosi a few years back. Cap and trade (tax) would cripple this country Mr. Speaker. You need to address that head on before considering a run.

Woody Allen says President Obama should be granted dictatorial powers (seriously) � Entertainment

"if he [Obama] could be a dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly." - Woody Allen. Hey pervert, stay out of politics and just make movies. I truly feel sorry for conservatives trying to make a living with their God-given abilities to act and entertain.

NRO’s Manzi Mischaracterizes Global Warming Debate - by James M. Taylor

Just further proof that when back benchers try and get on the front bench by bashing our conservative leaders ( Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin), they realize their efforts are futile. Jim Manzi's attack on Liberty & Tyranny about a month ago was immature and probably founded on jealousy. Well written Mr. Taylor.

Monday, May 17, 2010

American Thinker: Computer Gamers: Conservatives in Waiting

Calling all Jason Mattera fans. The American Thinker wrote this article specifically for us. The youth of this country need to be awakened to what they truly are...conservatives. Games like mafia wars, farmville, etc. all represent individually owned and operated small businesses. Successes and failures are derived from their own handy work (be it digitally). If this example can be translated into politics, we can instantaneously convert an entire electorate. If we could only impose liberal like taxes on profits on these games...

FRC's Tony Perkins Urges Senate to Reject Elena Kagan Nomination

Where are the Republican Senators? Why are they not speaking out like Tony Perkins. It is sad when our elected officials refuse to defend the views of the people and their constituency. I for one believe Jim DeMint will have much to say before Kagan breezes through her confirmation.

Tea Party Troubadour Sheds Sunglasses, Hat and Fake Name -

If anyone can find the audio of this song, American Heart, please post here. A song that inspires the tea party and endorsed and promoted by Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich is good enough for us. Hopefully Jonathan Kahn continues to get work in Hollywood.

RealClearPolitics - Video - After Signing "Freedom Of Press Act" Obama Refuses To Answer Questions

If for nothing else, comic relief. He is walking, talking, sitting, standing hypocrisy.

� Michele Bachmann, Warrior for Judeo-Christian and Foundational American Values - Big Government

Courtesy of Breitbart and Fox News. Michele Bachmann needs to be re-elected in Minnesota. We cannot afford to lose conservatives that are fighting the fight that RINOs refuse. This is one woman who refuses to integrate herself into traditional beltway trap. CT stands with Bachmann.

NBA Playoffs 2010: Demonstration planned before Los Angeles Lakers-Phoenix Suns Game 1 - ESPN Los Angeles

Anyone else have much more respect for Phil Jackson right now?

RealClearPolitics - Video - Napolitano Admits She Hasn't Read Arizona Law But Says She Wouldn't Sign It

It cannot get any more ludicrous. This is the second high profile Obama cabinet member to take numerous public positions WITHOUT reading the bill. Remember when Katy Couric askedSarah Palin what she media sources she read? I would think that Ms. Napolitano would read a bill from a state she governed less than 2 yearsago before she publicly commented (and it's less than 15 pages!). Such a disgrace to this country and to my alma mater, Santa Clara University. - Arizona in Boycott Battle With Immigration Law Opponents

BUYcott Arizona. Stand up to those boycotting a state that is defending itself from tyranny. President Obama, enforce the law and secure the border and the AZ law would not be needed.

US Cites AZ Immigration Law During Human Rights Talks with China, Conservatives Call It An Apology - Political Punch

There are far too many holes to poke in this.....Attorney General Eric Holder admits last week that he hasn't read the law and now this? Sean Hannity and company need to help get Holder out. This Michael Posner guy needs to get his own facts straight before throwing Arizona under a bus to a bunch of communists. - Americans Under 30 Most Likely to Take Uncompromising Stand for Right to Life, Says Gallup Poll

Gallup poll confirming the youth of this country are swaying from the liberal rhetoric and teaching of the Bay Boomers.

Hot Air � Cheney endorses Whitman in CA gubernatorial primary; Update: Poizner responds

Interesting post by Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air. Particularly interesting is the response by the Steve Poizner camp. It will be interesting to see how Steve and Meg attack each other over the next few weeks. CT respects VP Cheney's endorsement of Whitman but after his endorsement of Kay Bailey Hutchison, might be time to scrutinize his endorsements a bit more from now on. - ACLU, Civil Rights Groups File Suit Against Arizona Immigration Law

The ACLU is slipping. CT was expecting this 10 minutes after Gov. Jan Brewer signed this legislation into law. Now Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will be down there for months. Just what we need, race baiting by protesting an allegedly racist law. The irony will be unbelievable.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dale Peterson - Alabama

This video has quickly gone viral on political sites and blogs. Courtesy of Hot Air. The shotgun at the end is the cherry on top.

My Way News - Rubio says country relying too much on government

Marco Rubio broadcasting his conservative views day after day. How anyone in Florida is even considering a vote for Charlie Crist is beyond me. We need people from outside the beltway. These old Washington elites have had their time. We need fresh blood representing traditional social and economic values. Marco Rubio represents these values and deserves the vote of every Floridian.

Kagan unlikely to see GOP filibuster on nomination - Yahoo! News

Ok this is entirely frustrating. We have a woman with ZERO judicial experience, has never argued a case before the Supreme Court and had a senior thesis on the sad demise of socialism in the country. As Mark Levin says, let's give them the same hell they gave Clarence Thomas, Robert Bork, Samuel Alito, and Harriet Myers. Remember, Barack Obama lead a filibuster effort against Alito in 2005. This woman should NOT fly through the to approval.

Abortion foes capitalize on health care law - Yahoo! News

This could be the only good news to come out of Obama Care. As conservatives, we believe that a pregnant woman carries a living human being entitled to the same rights as a life outside of the womb. To see these plans restricting the ability to kill these lives is encouraging. It will be interesting to see how Charlie Crist approaches this vote before the November election. It would be shocking if he stuck to his stated pro-life position and passed the bill.

Laura Bush says Kagan nomination is 'great'

This is precisely what we do not need. Just because a judicial nominee is a woman, African American, Jewish, gay, lesbian, whatever, does not qualify them for the bench. Why do we need nominees to "represent" a particular sect of our society? Does the Constitution "represent" a certain group? No, it represents us all. Justices should not be looking out for the little guy or the fat cat; they should be interpreting the law. Laura Bush = FAIL.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Palin to join Arizona governor at campaign event

Palin comes out in support of AZ Gov. Jan Brewer. Good to see this after Palin's endorsement of Fiorina (instead of Chuck DeVore) and John McCain (instead of Hayworth). Stay strong Gov. Brewer; you and the AZ legislature did the right thing. - House Republicans Launch Anti-Government Spending Program

Very interesting idea by the GOP. Eric Cantor and company might be onto something.....a new version of the Contract with America? Would you all participate in this?

Quick Hit

Quick Hit: Why does the media have a HUGE problem with facebook privacy settings (which we have control over), yet the government just passed Obama Care which gives the government access to our medical records. Which do you think should stir the bigger outrage? Media = FAIL.

Saluting Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address - HUMAN EVENTS

CT is a dedicated fan of Jedediah Bila and her work. The interview with Mark Levin explains the purpose and meaning behind Jack Levin's book on the Gettysburg Address. It is a great book that evokes a lot of emotion from a time period our generations can only read about and watch documentaries on. What saddens me is the commentary of those ignorant people below the interview.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Small business lobby joins challenge to health law - Yahoo! News

How big of a joke is this Jost character at the end of this article? Good on you small business lobby. Obama Care is unconstitutional. I highly doubt the lower courts will overturn this law due to their extremely liberal makeup. This is all the more reason why Republicans need to scrutinize Kagan's responses to pointed questions...."do you believe the federal government can compel individuals to purchase a good or service?"

Turning on Barack again.....

Minnesota turning on Obama - Pelosi to Aspiring Musicians: Quit Your Job, Taxpayers Will Cover Your Health Care

Pelosi encouraging people to be deadbeats....yeah she says entrepreneurs but let's get serious; she is encouraging people to milk the system. What ever happened to hard work? I know a lot of starving artists who work odd jobs to sustain obtain medical coverage as well. Just unbelievable.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hot Air � Video: Chris Christie destroys reporter for calling him confrontational

As the Allahpundit says, we may have found the guy. I'll be honest, his retort in this video gave me goosebumps. Chris Christie is likable in the sense that he is black and white in his positions. New Jersey is fortunate to have elected this man. I hope he moves out here to California after his term is up and takes a hatchet to our state's budget. Amazing.

Tea Party Racists

Take this for what it is worth. A lot of the clips are just that, clips. You don't get the full context of each claim but having painfully spent time watching a lot of these shows, it is CT's opinion that they are claiming Tea Partiers are racists. And liberals claim we use scare tactics....unbelievable. The man with the nose piercing is the guy that raises the best specific attention to his words. 

Holder hasn't read Ariz. law he criticized - Washington Times

We shouldn't be surprised that Holder hasn't read the AZ law. Seriously, how difficult is it to read 17 pages? Politicians claimed to have read the 2,000+ page Obama Care bill but they can't read Arizona's? The reason why they say they haven't read it is because when they do, they'll realize that profiling is strictly forbidden. - Republican Amendment Would Bar U.S. Bailouts of Foreign Nations

Mike Pence to the rescue. How the USA is responsible for bailing out other countries is beyond me. The fact that we need to pass a resolution to do so is almost laughable. This is the libertarian in me coming out I recognize. CT does not believe in foreign or domestic bailouts regardless of the fallout of the "inaction" by the government. Recessions and depressions are like haircuts; sometimes you need to cut off a few inches so the hair grows back stronger and fuller (kind of like an economy!).

Conservative. But Also Republican. | RedState

Erick Erickson is the primary reason CT follows Red State. His write up on Republicans vs. Democrats and the roll of conservatives in primaries is spot on. We need to elect conservatives first and foremost, but we also cannot stand to have more liberals elected and run this country into the ground. Jim DeMint types are who we need. Primary RINO's and defeat the libs. Together we can.

N.J. gov. sets tone for US -

Absolutely fantastic article from The Hill. Chris Christie is doing the job he was elected to do and not playing to polls. Some say Obama is doing what he was elected to do....I say burning the Constitution and lurching hard left is not what this country elected him to do. We need more men and women like Christie elected this year.

Crist Cross

Charlie Crist's main objective in Florida's Senate campaign is to show his true colors. Marco Rubio for Senate 2010! 

� How Donald Berwick Will Run Your Health Care - Big Government

Mark Levin spoke at length about this man, Donald Berwick, last night on his show. He told the back benchers to run with this story because of how critically important it is for everyone to understand the pathway liberals want to take our health care. I find it sad that this author on such a great website wouldn't credit Mark about this issue. An important read and listen....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

He's making a list & checking it twice

LA city council votes to boycott Arizona but will continue to buy nuclear power.  Let's list the reason California is going down the tubes (full disclosure: I live in CA)
1) No toys in Happy Meals
2) No plastic or paper bags at grocery stores
3) Arnold Jerkinator
4) LA city council boycott of AZ
5) Gavin Newsom

Quick Hit

Xbox, PS3, iPods, iPads lead to too much info for people and create confusion? 1) no one gets news from video games (BO campaigned on Xbox) 2) iPads have apps for newspaper subscriptions 3) isn't more info always better? Isn't it the responsibility of the individual to reference check? Oh that's right, we peons can't think for ourselves. We need you Barack, tell us what to think, tell us who to watch and listen to. 

Jeb Bush Endorses Scott Walker in Wisconsin as New Conservative Leader - ABC News

Listen up all you great folks from Wisconsin, this may be the next rising star; and not because of Jeb Bush's endorsement. After doing some diligence on this man's background, CT likes the platform he is speaking about. We will keep our eye on him and update on new speeches or public positions taken on issues dear to the conservative movement.

CBO doubles some health care spending estimates – This Just In - Blogs

Paul Ryan warned us this would happen. Over the next few years, as certain provisions from Obama Care commence, the sunlight will expose the true costs. Imagine what amnesty would do to these figures.........

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hot Air � Video: Obama’s really bad, not good, terrible week

Wouldn't be surprised if most of you saw Sean Hannity the other night but here is a great recap of the absurdities and blatant amateurism of this Administration.

La Raza is full of agitators

"They want to keep us out of this country......" These are the people who need to be exposed for what they are...racists. "The norther front of a revolutionary movement...40 million potential revolutionaries." Why do these people not understand it is not about race or ethnicity. It is about your ILLEGAL status. These people are dangerous..."our enemy is capitalism." These people educate our children. This is scary.

I’m staying with Chuck DeVore | RedState

Californians, CT truly hopes you've taken in the differences pointed out on our page between Chuck DeVore and Carly Fiorina (we hope Campbell is an after thought at this point).Chuck is the clear conservative candidate. To have Ken Buck (CO), Marco Rubio (FL), Jim DeMint and DeVore in the Senate would truly get this country back on the Reagan path.

Immigration Debate Continues to Rage

A fantastic ad placed by Governor Jan Brewer. It is time for the Federal government to do what the Constitution requires: protect it citizens.

Poll: Obama has Lost Almost Half of his US Jewish Support - Politics & Gov't - Israel News - Israel National News

How are the numbers even this close? He is completely alienating and backstabbing our only true Middle East friend. Even still, this tide needs to keep moving in this direction.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Ariz. governor rejects delay of immigration law - Yahoo! News

Sit down Chucky Schmucky Schumer (as Mark Levin calls him). We do not need your NY promises. We stand with Gov. Brewer and the state of Arizona. Sure up those borders and enforce our immigration laws.

No Need to Compromise - A message from Chuck DeVore | RedState

We need Chuck DeVore to win this primary. We cannot compromise like we did with John McCain. Moderate conservatism is not the recipe for victory. Ronald Reagan won massive landslides coast to coast and within California as a hard nosed conservative.

Obama Calls April Jobs Report 'encouraging News' -

Two things: 1) yes it is encouraging news that there have been increases in hiring 2) the rise in the rate means people who previously were not looking for a job now are which could mean a turn in the economy.

The issues are 1) the unemployment rate is still going in the wrong direction 2) temporary census workers are still keeping the rate DOWN 3) college graduates with no jobs are not yet included in the rate calculation.

Revisiting Barry Goldwater’s Conscience of a Conservative: A Message to Our Youth | AMAC, Inc.

Jedediah Bila with another fantastic article. She invokes the spirit and wisdom of Barry Goldwater in this piece.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

California, the Absurd

Folks, California is another world. They are unofficially leaving the union. 

Palin Selling Out?

Sarah Palin endorses Carly Fiorina today. The Tea Partiers may need to rethink Palin as the face of the movement. Note to Palin, back conservatives during a primary. Chuck DeVore still receives CT's endorsement.

Freddie Mac asks for fresh 10.6 billion dollar bailout - Yahoo! Singapore News

This "company" needs to go away. Just another example why government/free-market businesses are not legitimate. They suck our treasury dry. Free-markets and private enterprise is the only solution....and without bailouts!

Quick Hit

According to a recent Gallup poll, 5% of the country opposes the National Day of Prayer.....what the hell is the controversy? 95% favor it......unreal

Karl Rove: The President and the Politics of Civility -

Karl Rove nails it at the end of this op-ed. We need leadership from Obama. He is a talker and not a doer. For all the grief the left gave George W. Bush, he knew how to inspire people in difficult times. He took action, he was bold, he made difficult decisions. Obama is an empty suit with no idea how to lead a nation.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Carly Fiorina rakes in the pro-life endorsements | RedState

I have to admit that Carly receiving numerous Pro-Life endorsements is a good step, but keep in mind, this is a primary. Chuck DeVore has repeatedly and publicly stated his pro-life stance. This just further shows Campbell should NOT be our candidate.

Part 2. Visit the website at

November is OUR time!

First of 2. If this doesn't fire you up to vote in November, nothing will.

New Bill Would Make Long-Overdue Changes to Tax Code | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

Remember during the Health Care Summit how Republicans were suggesting make changes to health care piece by piece and not in one fell swoop? Walking the walk with taxation. Let's get the train moving in the right direction. This proposal would do enormous good for our country without adding $1 of new taxes, stimulus or bailout funds. Not only that but it would make dire the need to CUT spending and entitlement programs. But alas, this can never work with this Congress or regime.

� What Budget Crisis? California Wants to Ban Shopping Bags - Big Government

Honestly, I do not know how I live in California and remain sane. The government, state and local, and environmental groups change their minds about what type of carrying device we can use for our groceries than can be counted. Imagine carrying a Happy Meal with a toy in a plastic grocery bag....California would arrest you, charge you, and jail you for 5 lifetimes.

Fred Barnes: Democrats at Ramming Speed -

Great article in the WSJ by Fred Barnes. This is the precise reason why we must all ensure we are registered to vote and to exercise that right come November. Every vote, every election matters. Can you imagine if we took what we know now back to November 2008? Many of us were aware of what was coming down the pike, quite a few have buyers remorse. It isn't just the Presidential election either. We need conservative majorities in Congress to undo this damage!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Q & A with Jedediah: Feminism, Palin, Conservative Leaders, and Arizona | Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Bila had a Q&A with her readers on 4/29. Have a read. This woman is very impressive and solid as rock in her conservative beliefs. Take note of whom she admires, politically.....none are surprises to CT.

Breaking: The beloved Conservative governor from California is opposed to offshore drilling. If you walk like a RINO, talk like a RINO......

Federal Government Outpaces Private Sector in Job Creation

Bigger government, literally. Shockingly, Gallup does not address the temporary census workers. I would have preferred to see this study done with the census numbers clearly defined (or even estimated). As for predictability, one can only hope this trend reverses........for the sake of your friends, families and neighbors.

Bailouts Bad

Most of you have probably seen the GM commercial where the CEO discusses paying back their loan from the government, with interest, in full. Remember when Conservative Thinker posted Paul Ryan's video on "Crony Capitalism" (4/31/10), well here is an even simpler explanation. Bailouts are bad!  

Capital Gains Tax: a teachable moment for Obama

This is just another reason why the President should not be the President. Raising capital gains tax doesn't hurt just the rich, it hurts everyone; investors, employees, the poor....Just another example of how the government loves getting it's hands on private property.  If it were not for the military, I am not sure what the government does in the interests of its people. 

The Heritage Foundation Chart of the day.

The Nanny State is here again!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Quick Hit

Super Saver won the Kentucky Derby. Maybe Obama and Congress should take notice. Super Saving not Super Spending won.

Make this Viral!

If this doesn't give you goosebumps, check your pulse. Regina Romero's speech should be played all across the nation right now. D or R, Liberal or Conservative, you should agree. Please friends, spread this video to those who disagree with this bill and see what they have to say.

Ariz. gov signs bill revising new immigration law - Yahoo! News

Are we clear? Yes, sir. I SAID ARE WE CLEAR? Crystal.

Hot Air � Is 2010 the Year of the Republican Woman?

CT loves seeing this stat. More and more women running for political office is a good thing...especially when they are conservatives like Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin.