Friday, April 30, 2010

Support our funny troops!

I love our troops sense of humor. Time to support these brave men and women now more than ever.

Quick Hit

Quick Hit: Good to see the jury come back with 2/4 convictions of Sarah Palin's email hacker case. Justice was served.

GM Bailout Repayment Exposed

Rep. Paul Ryan giving us the low-down on the GM commercial claiming repayment of their bailout fund package. This is precisely why private sector companies should be allowed to fail. Money is IMPOSSIBLE to follow within our government. $1 in does not equate to $1 out.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tea Party Numbers Released: 2 Million, 2 Thousand

We are overcoming! This news should embolden us and increase our confidence in our resolve to reduce the spending and the size and scope of our government. Keep in mind that these numbers are those that attended a political rally during a work day.....again, proof that the silent majority is no longer silent. Keep engaging friends and family with the conservative facts and philosophy!!

El Rushbo

Talent on loan from God......doing the show with half his brain tied behind his back..... Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network. Rush is brilliant. He uses the left's tactics against them and they vilify him! The people who love Rush and the people that despise him do so for the same reason: he is always right.....99.6% of the time.

Paul Ryan on spending

Paul Ryan stating the obvious for people who can't understand the obvious. This man truly wants to reform our government's spending habits. Notice how Reich has good ideas, but ideas that keep power with the government, not with the people.

APNewsBreak: Schwarzenegger backs health overhaul

Umm Arnold is not a prominent Republican voice. He is a RINO - Republican In Name Only.

Bailout Bill Summary

The Heritage Foundation is the greatest wealth of information out there.

Marco Rubio Ad

An absolutely brilliant ad by Marco Rubio. People of Florida, please do not elect Charlie Crist. He truly is a phony and a fraud with a lackluster conservative record at best.

RealClearPolitics - Video - Obama To Wall Street: "I Do Think At A Certain Point You've Made Enough Money"

Sean Hannity played this on his show last night. The credit, as Sean mentioned, belongs to Mark Levin for catching this off-prompter moment.

Obama Care impact on small business

Is there any question that this administration and the liberals in Congress despise this country? They feel our founding fathers got it all wrong and that we are the source of all that is evil.

� Puerto Rican Statehood Today! - Big Government

CT hasn't brought this to the forefront even though it has been in the news the last few days, so here it is. The left are marching in every direction. Race baiting on the AZ law, trying to ram through a 1,000+ page Financial reform bill, and now trying to force a territory into our Union.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The greatest of our lifetime......President Ronald Reagan

Figured everyone needed a little laughter and inspiration today. CT's political hero, Ronald Reagan......please enjoy!

High court supports Mojave cross in Calif. - Yahoo! News

Justice Kennedy must be taking classes from Scalia and Thomas. Recent Supreme Court decisions have been surprisingly in our favor.

Baby boy survives for nearly two days after abortion - Telegraph

Stories like this absolutely rip at your heart. How any sane person can believe abortion is a right under the Constitution is baffling. Even putting the Constitution aside (which CT never endorses), how can anyone argue this is not murder?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Video of the Week: Billie Tucker’s Inspiring Tea Party Story | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

The Heritage Foundation assisting in the support of the Tea Party movement. Also good to see Ed Meese make a quick appearance, Mark Levin's old boss in the Reagan administration.

Rep. Paul Ryan Educating the NCFRR

Rep. Paul Ryan had better be in the GOP Presidential discussion this time next year. This man is absolutely incredible. I urge you all to watch this clip of Ryan educating the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform.

Happy Meal toys could be banned in Santa Clara County -

This is absolutely blowing my mind. My county is trying to ban Happy Meal toys because the politicians believe they are the cause of obesity in children. This arrogance in government is unbelievable. Where are the parents? Are they not accountable for what their kids eat and how much exercise they get? When I was a kid, I got happy meals every so often but it wasn't my nightly meal or lunch. My parents forced my brothers and sister and I to go outside and play. Government has successfully entered our homes, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and not are now invading our ability to parent....No thank you.

Race Baiting at it's finest....

Courtesy of Big Government. Hopefully this puts to bed the notion that the Tea Parties in Washington D.C. were guilty of racial slurs being used against black politicians claiming the "N-word" was being used.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hannity Tonight

Ramesh Ponnuru to Al Sharpton tonight on Sean Hannity's tv show, "You have a problem with cops, not the law."

Howard agrees to $125 million extension with Phils - Yahoo! News

Obama's pay czar will inevitably be investigating this salary.

Furor grows over Arizona's illegal immigration law - Yahoo! News

Here is mainstream media reporting protesters putting swastikas on windows of our federal buildings because they oppose the cracking down of our federal and state laws. The Tea Partiers do nothing like this and get vilified. The ACLU is strictly a criminal front group that prides itself on promoting racism in this country. As Rush explained today, isn't racial profiling = affirmative action? Food for thought.

Quick Hit

Quick Hit of the Day: 1,000 days remain for the Obama regime. Something to be happy about.......

Obama's Rallying Cry

This is extremely painful to watch so be warned. And Mr. President, the first time voters in 2010 will be voting against you and your change.

Sunday, April 25, 2010 - Supreme Court Rejects ACORN's Request to Block Lower Court Freeze on Funding

First McCain-Feingold and now this ACORN decision; the Supreme Court has been on point lately!

Mark Levin Gets It Wrong Again | FrumForum

David Frum, go away. 1.2 million copies of Liberty & Tyranny have been sold for a reason: it is an instant political classic. I challenge you to write a book as thoughtful and as well researched as any of Mark Levin's books: Men in Black, L&T, and yes, Rescuing Sprite.

The Obama Care Disaster

Of course information like this conveniently comes out after the bill has passed and when politicians and the people aren't focused on it any longer.....and why aren't they? Because benefits do not kick in until 2014.

Interesting note from the clip: we talk about spending in the BILLIONS as chump change. So what if it is a minute percentage of total spending. Spending, in general, is out of control. The time for Chris Christie like action is now.

Friday, April 23, 2010 - Arizona Governor Signs Controversial Immigration Enforcement Bill

Arizona's passage and adoption of this immigration law was long overdue. The President has instructed the Justice Department to investigate the Constitutionality of the law. Two things: 1) Why didn't the President instruct the JD to investigate the Constitutionality of Obama Care? Individual mandates are constitutional? 2) The portion they believe is unconstitutional is law enforcement questioning persons suspected of illegal status and enforcing the immigration law. Doesn't law enforcement do this with suspicion of intoxication? They question suspects and determine sobriety based on tests? This is different than profiling, mind you.

Rush Limbaugh: Liberals and the Violence Card -

Reading an article like this provokes my obvious disdain for this administration, but it also fuels my love of this country. Rush definitely has a way of rousing the conservative base in a positive, NON-VIOLENT way. His words push me to engage in political discourse with my friends, family, and yes, even co-workers; which is exactly what the silent majority (conservatives) must do right now. Mark Levin emphasizes in Liberty & Tyranny that we must engage our opponents, take them on politically and challenge their views. Friends, be comforted knowing that our views put us on the right side of history, always. - Poll Shows Support for Tea Party Movement Continues to Grow

Mark Levin discussed last night that one day the people will rise up against this administration/government. Well this poll is proof positive that the people's hearts and minds are changing to fit that prediction. The tea parties we see now are just the beginning of the restoration of this country.

Quick Hit

Quick hit: President Obama said today that the Arizona immigration bill is "misguided." We think you are misguided Mr. President.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jersey Gov. Christie Shuts Highway Toilets to Save Money - Bloomberg

Chris Christie is on the move. This man was hell bent on reigning in waste, fraud and abuse in NJ's budget during the campaign. Tough decisions need to be made in NJ; this being one of them. They will only get tougher Chris.....fiscal responsibility will pay off in the end.

Liberty, Tyranny, and the Globe - Mark Levin - The Corner on National Review Online

The Great One, Mark Levin, wasting no time in hitting back......

This photo does a decent job of explaining the bank meltdown but I find flaws: 1) people taking on these loans couldn't afford them in the first place 2) The Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 ensured the people got housing loans 3) Banks knew the risk of investing in these instruments but ignored it because of the astronomical returns garnered from purchasing bundled assets 4) Individuals were buying homes with ZERO money down and balloon interest schedules.....who in their right mind does that? Our government, including George W. Bush, propped up these banks for no reason. Markets correct themselves; sometimes in an incredibly painful way. Personal responsibility for individuals and corporations does not exist.

Ariz. immigration debate pressures McCain - Yahoo! News

John McCain, your time is up. You served this country honorably in Vietnam and for that we will always be grateful, however, you have stuck it to conservatives for too long. Your middle of the road stances and your "Maverick" tendencies did not advance the cause of individual liberties, personal responsibility nor the defense of the Constitution. Your flip flops on immigration will not be tolerated. Which is why CT is here to endorse JD Hayworth 2010 for US Senate in Arizona. (Mark Levin also supports JD.)

Cheney backs Rubio - Jonathan Martin -

Marco Rubio endorsed by VP Cheney. Good to see the VP get this one right after his endorsement of KBH in Texas.

Epistemic Nonsense - Count Me on Team Levin | RedState

Apparently Mark Levin's book, Liberty and Tyranny, was attacked by a "conservative" writer over at The Corner. The author to this post does a nice job defending Mark and his book. CT agrees with this writer in many respects: 1) Mark needs no defense as his work stands on its own 2) global warming is a product of pure alarmist rhetoric 3) incandescent light bulbs do work better (and don't contain mercury) 4) when your personal liberties are under attack, playing nice isn't always the best approach: rally the troops and defend conservatism!

Happy Earth Day!

Conservative Thinker would like to ask Al Gore and the rest of the global warming crowd, what temperature would you like the earth to be and how much of a carbon reduction would it take to achieve this goal? Any good leader needs to know what the end objective is to effectively and efficiently achieve this goal. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Right Now - Geico voice actor fired after insulting tea parties

Good for you Geico.

Quick Hit

This is a repost of Mark Levin's status, "You cannot be a liberal and be faithful to the constitution." Could this be more true?

To answer CT's own question of who would you listen to (Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network, Sean Hannity or Mark Levin): without a doubt Mark Levin. Unbelievably intelligent, suburb author, and hilarious. Thank me.

Palin set to take stand in Tenn. hacking trial - Yahoo! News

Sarah Palin will absolutely hit this one out of the park. She is the #1 hated conservative woman, barely ahead of Michele Bachman, and will not back down to these hacks.

Congress may push immigration over climate bill - Yahoo! News

"update the process for admitting temporary workers while also providing a path for citizenship for the 11 million people in the United States illegally..." If John McCain endorses this bill, as he has in the past, he should start fixing up his retirement house. Expect this to be just as big a fight as health care. Also, looks like another 11 million will benefit from the health care mandate....

Obama suggests value-added tax may be an option - Yahoo! News

Jimmy Carter like tax rate levels will return. A VAT tax will absolutely crush consumer spending, will force consumption down, reduce sales of goods, a rise in unemployment and an increase in ill-will of the people. This would be a gross abuse of government's ability to levy taxes on its citizens.

� How Obamacare Will Hurt California - Big Government

Very good article by Steve Poizner today. Sometimes it is very difficult living here in California.....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Paul Ryan on Sean Hannity's show tonight. Be sure to tune in!

Jim DeMint Endorses Marlin Stutzman | RedState

CT might be beating a dead horse here but it cannot be stressed enough how important Mark Levin and Jim DeMint are in promoting conservatives, not just Republicans. This is just another clear cut case of two men leading the charge against a liberal agenda with conservative ideals. RINO's will not be tolerated and endorsed by these two men. Indiana residents, research Marlin's background and do the right thing.

Americans reject arrogance in our leadership | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

Jedediah Bila always on point. And effectively utilizing Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network in her piece.

Paul Ryan leading the charge in revealing truth in every piece of Democrat proposed spending/reform legislation.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Political Bookworm - Awakening the Obama zombies

Jason Mattera's op-ed in The Washington Post. Jason is right, conservatives and the GOP need to utilize every tool out there to spread our message of individual liberty and personal responsibility...among others. We must encourage our youth to read, listen, speak up, and speak out. As Mark Levin says in Liberty & Tyranny, we can no longer be the silent majority.

You may have seen this short clip of Allen West on Sean Hannity's show this evening. Here is the full clip...

Quick Poll

If you were stranded on a deserted island and your radio only picked up the signal to one of the following shows, which show would you want it to be: Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network, Sean Hannity, or Mark Levin?

I love this movement and I love these people.


For those of you who didn't get a chance to hear Sharron Angle on Mark Levin's show on Friday, please either download the FREE podcast at or have a look at her positions on the issues at the link below. Please note she is the only Pro-life candidate in the GOP primary in the Senate race in Nevada.

Quick hit of the day: President Obama has golfed 32 times since his inauguration; President George W. Bush golfed 24 times in eight years. Just thought you all might like to know....

Romney: Crist should stay in GOP or endorse Rubio

CT pointed out last week, when Mitt Romney's Saturday endorsement of Marco Rubio was announced, that Romney says and does the right things (usually) but when these things are said and done so late in the game, it raises more questions about his ability to lead. Mitt, when you stand with conservative values, the decisions are quick and easy every time......ask Jim DeMint.

Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel Prime Minister's Exclusive Interview with George Stephanopoulos on 'Good Morning America' - ABC News

Netanyahu is 100% correct. We need crippling sanctions against Iran. Iran has stated repeatedly that they want to wipe Israel off the map. President Obama had better do the right thing and support our true middle eastern friend.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Goldman suit figure touted, fundraised for ally Schumer - Ben Smith -

The Democrats and liberals are constantly bringing down executives and companies on Wall St. Well how about Chuck Schumer breaking bread with Goldman....and helping push for legislation and SEC rules that favor tax treatment on investment income? The hypocrisy, again, is simply laughable.

This interviewer tried to trap this man and what did he do, what every Tea Partier has done: be respectable and answer from the heart. Nice try main stream media but our folks know your game plan. Hat tip Mark Levin for the link.

High unemployment not the "new normal": Romer - Yahoo! News

The question is, what are you doing, Mr. President, to prove that high unemployment isn't the new norm? Your policies do not promote investment and consumer spending. Businesses do not know what their tax rates will be going forward from one day to the next. You have pumped billion and billions of dollars in the form of stimulus and "jobs" bills and nothing has worked. Change indeed.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hiwa was also a guest on Sean Hannity's show tonight. It would not be right to not share this with you all as well. 5 minute video definitely worth a quick watch.

Jedediah Bila: writer and political commentator

Jedediah Bila was fantastic on Sean Hannity's show tonight. Please visit her website to learn more about her. She is another beautiful, intelligent, conservative woman that articulates her opinions in such a way that is simple and easy to follow.

Mark Levin

Conservative Thinker admires and respects Mark Levin and those he endorses. Seriously consider supporting the folks mentioned in Mark's listing. As always, CT welcomes debate on any of the candidates listed. - Bill Clinton Warns Tea Party Anger Could Incite Right-Wing Extremism - Bill Clinton Warns Tea Party Anger Could Incite Right-Wing Extremism

Sen. Inhofe giving some good news on the Cap and Trade/Tax Bill. This bill would absolutely destroy our economy and every individual American's wallets.

My view from the Tea Party rally in San Jose, CA. It was a wonderful event full of patriots from every walk of life. Civil, peaceful, American.

Breitbart Tax Day Tea Party Speech

Breitbart Tax Day Tea Party Speech

Quick Hit

Quick Hit: Mitt Romney to endorse Marco Rubio tomorrow. Why did it take so long Mitt? It is concerning that you do this after Rubio took over in the polls and when Crist is about to bow out of the race. Leadership is Jim DeMint. He was out campaigning and endorsing conservative principles from day 1. Being on the right side does not always mean being on the winning side......but in this case, let's hope both happen. 

Jason Mattera cornering Sen. Clyburn. This quick clip from Fox is priceless. It really reveals how ignorant these liberals to this unstoppable and unmanageable debt crisis we are faced with.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Obamacare Taxes: Deep Impact | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

The Heritage Foundation always on point. Revenues in the free market are a good thing; revenues for the government = taxation. We are the government's customers. Here are incremental Obamacare taxes being levied on the American people from 2010-2019.

Jason Mattera at it again!

Quick Hit

What percent of your income would you be willing to part with for tax purposes?

Obamas Report 2009 Income Of $5.5 Million -

Fat Cat Obama.

� Top 10 Anti-Tax Quotations – Annotated - Big Government

Happy Tax day! Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quick Thought

Very impressed with Herman Cain tonight on Sean Hannity's show. Very excited to hear more from this man on a National stage.

DeMint: Buck's rise mimics Rubio - David Catanese -

Jim DeMint has come out in support of Ken Buck in Colorado. Mr. DeMint helped propel Marco Rubio into the lead in the Florida GOP primary polls. The primary battles across the country is what the Republican party needs.

YouTube - Pence Takes On Democrat Claim To Have "Lowered Taxes"

Rep. Mike Pence is a patriot in every respect. How does his message not reverberate in the hearts and minds of every voter? I cannot understand how people can disagree. Mark Levin is 100% correct; Right vs. Left is Right vs. WRONG.

AP-GfK Poll: Obama slips, other Dems slide, too - Yahoo! News

Best quote of the article, "And it could get worse for Democrats: One-third of those surveyed consider themselves tea party supporters."

YouTube - Since 1773

Hopefully you all get out and support our united cause of lower taxation and smaller government. Our voices will be heard!

Quick Hit

Quick hit of the day: The New York Times is working on publishing an article containing names of secret operatives working in Afghanistan. If they do this, they should be prosecuted for treason.

Goldman Sachs to Harry Reid: Back Off -

Enjoy Harry Reid clowning on "Big Business" and "Wall-Street fat cats" when he is in bed with them. Also enjoy Goldman calling Harry Reid on this non-sense.

Arizona Clears Strict Immigration Bill -

Sheriff Joe is getting his handcuffs removed, hopefully. Gov. Brewer, do the right thing and enforce our boarders. Reform starts here. - RAW DATA: Senators Vote to Set Aside An Amendment to Ban Earmarks

Jim DeMint putting his money where his mouth is. He is solid as a rock on conservative principles. We need more DeMints.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Doctor shortage? 28 states may expand nurses' role - Yahoo! News

This is supposed to generate enthusiasm for our youth to go through extensive years of schooling and training and to take on mountains of debt to be told that they can share the doctors office with a nurse practitioner? Good thing the additional 32 million won't affect our ability to see our DOCTOR.....apparently the definition of doctor = nurse practitioner to the 2010 Congress and Obama administration. Unbelievable.

YID With LID: SEIU Exec VP: "White Workers Are So F***ing Rabidly Racist"

Talk about scary. And the tea partiers are the racists. The SEIU is such a criminal front group. They admit they do not represent their members and yet they retain power. Sickening.

Quick Hit

Quick hit of the day courtesy of Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network, "We were better off during Bush's recession than Obama's recovery." Do you agree?

� Labor Unions: Employment at Wal-Mart Like Slavery - Big Government

� Labor Unions: Employment at Wal-Mart Like Slavery - Big Government

Labor unions claim to be on the side of the worker and minorities. It angers me to no end that these union bosses do not see the incredible good companies like Wal-Mart do for cities and towns. Cheap medicine, cheap goods, HEALTH CARE for it's workers, JOBS. I find it funny that the jobs created by the stimulus are temporary and unfunded and the jobs created by companies like Wal-Mart are relatively permanent and paid for (and not by taxpayers). The word slavery is being thrown around like it is 1800. Cut the crap Big Labor; we see through you. You want to control the worker; to enslave them through your self-serving lobbying efforts. We will not stand for it. We stand on the side of the private sector.